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For people who like to think of themselves as being theater buffs and who try to take in as many theatrical performances as they can, getting hold of discounted show tickets can be quite a thrill. Securing discounts is especially exciting for people who are enamored of the grand shows on Broadway, which can cost … Continue reading → Continue reading →

Purchasing the tickets to one of the foremost New York Broadway shows is an expensive undertaking, especially if you are planning to buy them for the best seats in the house for the most popular performances. Traditionally, people have gone to the box office of the theater to purchase their event ones, but more and more often today, people are drawn to the online ticket sales websites.

Even before the internet came along and made online ticketing so simple for people, there were many theater ticket agencies that started handling the ticket sales that used to be handled exclusively through a box office at the actual venue where the stage show was being performed. Two of the big names in ticket agencies are TeleCharge and Ticket Master, both of which have both been around for many years.

Today, approximately 98 percent of them sold for Broadway shows are now transacted via the websites or call centers of these two primary ticket agencies, which leaves a very small portion of the sales that are handled at the box office any more. One of the reasons why these event ticket agencies have gotten to be so popular is that they provide their customers with a very convenient way to make purchases of event tickets.

Before the ticket agencies became popular, if a traveler wanted to buy them to three different Broadway shows during their visit to New York, then they would have had to go to each box office separately to buy the tickets they wanted. But, once Ticket Master and TeleCharge came along to sell tickets, a person could take care of buying all of the tickets they needed at one time.

When businesses started to look into how to take advantage of the internet to provide better service to their customers, these ticket agencies became some of the first businesses to fully implement ticket sales online. These days, a person can simply log onto the websites of these companies and they can see complete schedules of performances. Not only do these companies sell tickets to Broadway events, but they also sell tickets for almost any type of special happening that is scheduled for any performance venue in most large cities, and even medium sized towns.

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with these ticket selling agencies and their websites is that they do charge a service fee that is over and above the face value of the tickets they sell. If you are buying a large block of theater tickets or concert tickets for a group of people, then these fees can add up to a substantial amount. In these cases, it probably makes more sense to buy directly from a box office at the venue in order to save on these fees.

Those who prefer to save those ticket agency fees by buying their event tickets from the concert hall or theater can also save some time by calling the venue and purchasing them over the phone with a credit or debit card. The tickets can be mailed to you, or if time does not allow for that, or you just want to avoid postage fees, then you can make arrangements to pick up the tickets at the box office window on the day of the show.

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