If you too would like to make a name and have fame writing screenplay coverage, here are a few tips we have for you. Hence, please read on and be well-informed for the same.

1. Decide on what to write

When you do so, think about the most loved movie you watched. Is there a genre in particular that you like, for example, comedy, romance, passion, sex, action, horror and more? Write about a genre that you yourself would enjoy watching, since you would know about it very well. By doing so, the creativity and passion would flow easily and you wouldn’t have to break your head over it.

2. Have you thought about the actors?

You should have this in mind when penning down a character, the script coverage relies on it in a huge way. Your characters should be in sync with the one who would act it out. Get your inspiration from people and places, maybe someone you heard or read about, or could be while chatting over coffee with someone at the mall. You never know where and how character profiles come about.

Not necessarily that the detailing of the characters you think about would match the profiling you have in mind, especially for the movie screenplays. However, knowing the character well enough would do the best, especially when you perceive them as real and living. Think about what the character would do, where would he or she go, how would they talk, what would they dress up like and more. This allows you to engage in building a character, surreal but real at the same time.

3. Does your script have a status quo?

Without a proper status quo, your movie wouldn’t open. You have to include a breaking ball, which would talk about the characters past, on a small note but yes, you need to have it. There has to be conflicts and inciting incidents which interrupts the viewer, which your hero or heroine would have to deal and batter with. Ensure that you have this included in the screenplay coverage.

4. Climax:

Every story needs to have a climax; this would be the high note for your film. Consider this in your script coverage as a final showdown. This is where the hero finds the booty, it’s either going to be his prized possession or the armed robbers’. The enemy would either kill him or he would outdo them with his wit and smartness, and run off with everything in his hands. It doesn’t happen so in real life, but this is what movies are all about, you sell fantasy through your work.

Remember, when the character has too many roadblocks leading up to the incident, there would have to be decisive battles to be won by him. This is where the climax in the movie comes into play. It is here that the hero makes it or breaks it for the audience. Climaxes always happen at the end, whatever happens before that is a build up to the climax. Once the dust settles from all the happenings, the hero emerges and proves to be a warrior, and that’s how the movie screenplays make it big at the box office. Hence, you have got to sell your fantasy and dreams to the audience in a vivid way.

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Box Office
box office
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US Box Office ( 19 / 6 / 2016 )

US Box Office ( 19 / 6 / 2016 )

1 ………..Finding Dory 2016
2…………Central Intelligence 2016
3…………The Conjuring 2 2016
4…………Now You See Me 2 2016
5…………Warcraft 2016
6…………X-Men: Apocalypse 2016
7…………Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows 2016
8…………Me Before You 2016
9…………Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016
10……….Captain America: Civil War 2016

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In the golden age of comic books, fans chose a side and stuck to that side. DC made a name for itself in the world of comic books films by launching the “Superman” franchise. The same company then bounced back with “Batman” and other films, while Marvel experienced problems with its entertainment division. After the failures of “Batman Forever” and “Batman and Robin,” Marvel knew that it needed to step up its game, so “Iron Man” was brought to life.

Universal Studios originally obtained the rights to the character in the early 1990s, but the film languished in production for years. It wasn’t until 2006 that Jon Favreau signed on for the film and casting actually began. Robert Downey Jr. (“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”) wasn’t the first choice for the role, but after talking to him, Favreau admitted that he couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role. The film grossed more than $ 98 million in its opening weekend, making “Iron Man” a hit among fans. Fans also loved the end credits, which showed Samuel L. Jackson (“Snakes on a Plane”). Jackson portrayed Nick Fury and the scene gave fans hope for a sequel.

“Iron Man” eventually grossed more than $ 500 million around the world, and it was the first film of 2008 to make more than $ 300 million at the box office. Downey credits the film with giving him a second chance at an acting career, and he enjoyed the role so much that he came back for a long cameo role in “The Incredible Hulk.” The release of those two films showed Hollywood that fans loved good comic book films and paved the way for more Marvel films.

Fans who aren’t sure how “Iron Man 3” might fare at the box office should just look at “Iron Man 2” and “The Avengers.” “Iron Man 2” brought back many of the same characters and actors from the first film, including Downey and Gwyneth Paltrow, who played as his love interest Pepper Potts. In its first weekend in theaters, the film grossed more than $ 128 million, making it even more successful than the first film in the franchise. “The Avengers” served as the first film to bring together some of the top stars in the Marvel universe. Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye all appeared in the film. “The Avengers” grossed more than $ 1.5 billion around the world, making it one of the highest-grossing films of all time.

Marvel did a smart job of connecting its superhero films, and fans flocked to theaters to see their favorite characters and stars. Every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as fans call it, contains connections to past and future films. “The Avengers” showed a relationship forming between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, which might carry over into the next film, and the film set things up for both “Iron Man 3” and the upcoming “Thor: The Dark World.” If nothing else, fans will turn out to watch the ending scenes, which will likely show a hint of what happens in the sequel to “Thor” and the 2014 release “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

Fans began eagerly awaiting the release of “Iron Man 3” back in 2012. The production company behind the film sent the newest Iron Man suit to the San Diego Comic-Con, and several of the film’s stars showed up for a Q&A session with fans. The session ended with the group introducing a series of short scenes from the film, and fans instantly went online to discuss the new film. In March of 2013, fans got another chance to learn about the film on its official Facebook page. Several stills from the film appeared on the social networking page, giving fans their first look at “Iron Man 3.”

Downey’s contract officially ends with the release of “Iron Man 3,” but the actor already announced plans to return for “The Avengers 2,” which will arrive in theaters in 2015. He also made it clear that he hopes to return for additional films in the series. Early reviews of “Iron Man 3” point out that the film sets things up for additional films starring the superhero.

The buzz surrounding “Iron Man 3” started increasing in the days leading up to the film’s official premier. Fans could watch a live stream of the red carpet, which showed the stars arriving and talking about their roles in the film. With “The Avengers” still on everyone’s mind, no one should be surprised if “Iron Man 3” dominates the box office for the next few months.

As a long time fan of Hollywood I was able to carve out the perfect career in the entertainment industry by writing initially for celebrity news sites and am now the owner of Movie Room Reviews.

Plethora of PO Boxes
box office
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Post Office boxes at the Findon Shopping Centre.

Taken with iPhone 4S.

Born Willard Christopher Smith Jr. on September 25, 1968, Will Smith has gone on to receive fame as an actor and film producer. Although Smith was born in Philadelphia, he lived in nearby Wynnefield for much of his childhood. Smith’s mother Caroline worked as a local school administrator in the state of Pennsylvania, and his father owned a refrigeration company. Smith was the second of four children and is of African-American and Native American heritage. Smith’s parents separated when their son was only 13 years old, but they did not officially divorce until much later on.

Will Smith attended Overbrook High School and quickly developed the nickname “Prince” due to his ability to charm his way out of almost any situation. After Smith graduated from high school, he had an opportunity to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on an engineering scholarship; however, he decided to pursue a career in the entertainment field.

After turning down college, Smith pursued a career in music. While at a party, he met Jeffrey Townes; the pair would go on to become the performing duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. They eventually picked up another group member, Ready Rock C, and became a trio.

The group quickly rose to fame and picked up the first Grammy awarded in the Rap category in 1988. Not long after, Smith became a target of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for unpaid taxes. Before going bankrupt, Smith was offered a lifeline when the NBC television network gave him a contract. Smith and close friend Benny Medina had an idea for a new sitcom and proposed the idea to the network. This resulted in the creation of the show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” which really put Smith on the acting map.

The show went onto become a classic sitcom, but Smith wanted to make something more of his acting career. During the show’s immensely successful six year run, Smith explored many different film roles. He wanted to become the biggest movie star in the world, and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” acted as his gateway to success. Throughout the early 1990s, Smith starred in “Six Degrees of Separation” and “Bad Boys.” The latter film shot Smith into the national spotlight and led to a career-defining role in “Independence Day.” Playing the role of Captain Steven Hiller, Smith brought back the genre of science fiction with a bang; the film raked in more than $ 800 million and was the second highest-grossing film ever at that time.

The following two summers, Smith was once again the main draw card on the big screen, this time, as Agent J in “Men in Black” and as Robert Clayton Dean in “Enemy of the State.” In 1999, Smith had the option of starring in one of two films: “The Matrix” or “Wild Wild West.” Smith chose the latter, but the film bombed at the box office. Afterwards, Smith acknowledged that perhaps he hadn’t made the best choice, and the role of Neo in “The Matrix” would have suited him better.

Over the next few years, Smith’s acting career seemed to dwindle; although, he did star in a couple of sequels (“Men in Black II” and “Bad Boys II”). The year 2005 resulted in an upturn in the fortunes of Smith due to a starring role in the film “Hitch.” Smith received multiple award nominations as Alex Hitchens, and he also landed main roles in “The Pursuit of Happyness” and “I am Legend.” In the former film, Smith’s real-life son Jaden played the role of Smith’s son on screen.

Smith’s star could not get any brighter during the later years of the 2000s decade, with some film critics proclaiming him to be the number one box office draw in Hollywood. After Barack Obama became president in 2009, he mentioned Smith as the most suitable actor to play his part in a potential film about his rise to power.

In 2012, Smith reprised his role of Agent J in the film “Men in Black III.” The film was a resounding success, and Smith mentioned the possibility of a fourth film being added to the franchise sometime in the future. In May 2013, Smith will star alongside his son Jaden in “After Earth;” he is also a producer and co-writer of this film. Many film critics are excited to see the acting potential Jaden is showing, but they are not ready to write off the acting talents of his father just yet.

As a long time fan of Hollywood I was able to carve out the perfect career in the entertainment industry by writing initially for celebrity news sites and am now the owner of Movie Room Reviews.

Capitol Theatre Box Office
box office
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Brigham City, Utah.

Post boxes are one of the important items of every home and office. Though in this era of emails and SMS regular mailing becomes a rare thing to see; however there are some documents and letters that need to be posted and received via regular mails. For such documents and letters you must have a gate post box at your home or office. Choosing the right post box for your residential or office building is very important. It is necessary to secure your important mails and documents from the unwanted outsiders.

There are lots of options available in the market when you opt for the gate post box for your home or office. However, you need to keep some basic points in your mind while choosing the right post or mail box for your home or office.

First of all, make sure that your mail box is strong enough to bear critical weather conditions like storm, heavy rain, sunlight, or snow falls. Since gate post box is placed on the front door or at the main entrance of the building, there are chances that it needs to go through all these aforementioned weather conditions. So the box must be strong enough to remain good inspite of any or all of these situations in a regular basis.

Choose the gate post box that has a good and secured lock system. There are various mail boxes available in the market that has unique locking system. Thieves cannot steal or break your mail box and your documents and letter will remain secure inside the box until you take them out of the box.

Make sure that your residential post box will stay out of the reach of your family pets. Otherwise your pets will “collect” your mails before you do and you can imagine what they will do with those mails.

So be careful about the material, locking system and design of the gate post box to ensure the proper security of your identity and documents.

For more information on gate post box, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the wooden gates!

Dallas – HOB Box Office
box office
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Closed for the day…
(Dallas) (House of Blues)

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Over the past 10-15 years, there has been a huge change in the typical work environment for many professionals. Today’s business people are no longer confined to a simple office location and strapped to a desk. The work environment today has evolved into working from home, in hotels, on the road, even in cars. To meet this changing dynamic in the work force, some new companies are at the forefront selling office supplies online that meet the unique needs of the “Road Warrior” of today, by offering new products designed for the needs of the professional on the move.

Without question, there is a growing need for office products and gadgets that help the new mobile workforce stay productive. Office supplies for the road warrior need to be portable, geared around organization and flexible for different settings. It’s hard enough to stay organized and productive from a static permanent office, but even harder to maximize productivity and stay organized while traveling, or working from a variety of remote locations.

Kensington computer accessories, a division of ACCO brands, recognizes the needs of the emerging mobile workforce and have designed new office supplies for their needs. For example, nothing fits better into a traveler’s brief case to keep you connected and “wired for business” then their new power adapter that is ultra lightweight, thin and charges in the wall outlet, or using an airplanes power connection.

The new Kensington Wall/Air Ultra Thin Notebook Power Adapter’s low-profile design saves space and stows in seconds. Whether you’re on the ground or in the air, it has the power to charge your notebook computer and mobile devices. The slim adapter has multiple functions as it not only charges your notebook but it also charges your mobile phone, PDA, iPod and more via the built-in USB power port.

A mobile professional’s desk on the road is their brief case, and staying organized without becoming bogged down is no small feat. Contour computer cases by Kensington are uniquely made to keep you organized, while keeping the weight of your “traveling desk” from breaking your back. The key is an exclusive weight distribution system that uses proprietary technology to position the weight from your case to a users stronger muscle areas. This can reduce the strain, muscle fatigue and load by as much as 40%. Kensington cases are also designed with style in mind, and come in several different color and configuration choices.

Filing and organization products are a must for the executive on the go. Smead, a company renowned for their innovation in filing products and file folder, features products and solutions to always keep the mobile professional prepared. For those “road warriors” who spend little time behind a desk, organization is a unique challenge. They need an organized, portable system to be fully prepared for any situation, and the ability to find important documents on demand.

Let’s face it, organization in the office is hard…and on the road it’s a nightmare. Smead offers some very helpful hints to get you started in the right direction. First, find the right carry case, portable file chest, or rolling file cart that is large enough to carry at least a weeks amount of files. It’s crucial to find something with durable construction so it travels well, will not damage easily, and will not be open so contents can fall out if it’s tipped over. To organize your documents and file folders inside, start with Smead hanging folders and color coded tabs. Then find the right file jackets or folders to fit nicely inside the hanging folders. Smead recommends classification folders for their high capacity, the prongs provided to keep pages secure, and the multiple sections. Color coding is always a good idea, so you can quickly glance at your folders and know what color folder is the one you need.

Space limitations only allow me to mention Smead file folder products and Kensington computer accessories in this article. The truth is many other brands know the special needs of this market segment, and that it is growing rapidly. Companies like 3M, Avery, Cardinal, Esselte, Safco, Hon and Quartet.

The question I get the most is, “who do you recommend I shop with for my road warrior office supply needs”. Well, that’s a decision best left up to you, but I look for online office supply companies that offer free shipping and have an easy-to-use website. I do not ever buy anymore for the “Mega-Corporate Big Box Office Supply Store”. My search for companies these days is for those, like Whole Foods Market, who practice conscious capitalism and give back to the community. In office supplies, I was thrilled to find a new store that even donates 50% of profits to worthy charities. Look for those that do good work, and trust them with your office supply needs.

The right office products company will have a huge selection for your whole business. This means hanging folders, copy paper and binders – typical office products. But also discount office furniture, office technology products like ink and toner, batteries, mouse pads, digital memory and surge protectors. And finally, janitorial supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and beverage items for the break room.

I am a mobile professional traveling all over, working from home, planes, buses, trains even sometimes an office. So I have a special affinity for fellow road warriors, and know how hard it is to stay productive, organized and “powered-up” on the road. Travel safely and in good spirits, try to find an office supply company that helps you do good work along the way, and and let’s all help others as best you can.

Stephan R Vonn writes about Office Supplies Online. He knows who has the best deal on View Binders and report covers. Zuma Office is his favorite office products dealer. They Do Good Work and give 50% of profits to charity!

leicester square Box office
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Theater box office at leicester square

Over the last few decades big box office supply stores have been a consistently popular industry. Between the unending need for basic office supplies like paper, pads, pens and staples, to the seemingly boundless growth of computer supply needs for products like mice, USB drives and printer cartridges, they are a vital part of our economic engine. Still, as more and more companies try and cut corners to reduce overhead, these company’s premium charges for specific models and variations on both technological and practical office supplies has become an increasing burden on business. Add to that the easy and affordable option of buying in bulk from wholesale retailers and you have yourself a little dilemma on your hands. Do you continue buying office supplies in small and controllable numbers or do you buy large stockpiles and risk having employees get incredibly loose with their usage?

Luckily there is always another option. With the help of an office vending machine you can tightly control the amount of office supplies employees use without relying on frequent trips to a local office supply store on a company card. Your office vending machines can be loaded with the sort of items favored by employees and a unique code can be programmed in to keep track of what each employee is taking out day to day and week to week. These custom vending machines can be stocked with all manner of items from canned air for easy laptop cleaning, to sticky post notes for leaving important memos. Employees might even enjoy the easy accessibility to all of these products. A well positioned custom vending machine will become a great place to meet coworkers and remind each other of upcoming deadlines or to simply build a strong working relationship.

Managing expenses is at this point more important now than ever. The bottom line is quite simply the bottom line. Growing a business in the still anxious and shaky economic climate is an enormous undertaking and every small hint of savings can help your bottom line. In each area of your company you are likely looking to lower overhead without making employee reductions or reducing their pay. This is a way the company can tighten its collective belt without anyone being forced to unjustly feel the pain in their day to day out of office life. It is an easy way to keep more people on staff and keep everyone happy.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is a vending machine retailer ready to specialize a vending machine for any and all purposes you might need them for. Perfect for schools or offices looking for custom vending machines to help entertain or for money saving functional purposes.

Majestic Theater Box Office
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After just thirteen days at the worldwide box office, Suicide Squad has earned over half a billion dollars.

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Most small office buyers of office supplies believe shopping for hours to find the rock bottom lowest price for a carton of paper, box of hanging folders or package of Post-It Notes is the key way to save money and spend less on office supplies. In reality, there are many other variables than just price you need to consider when buying office products.

Any business owner will tell you the biggest expense they have running a business is employee salaries and the associated benefit costs. Anytime you have a relatively high paid employee, say $ 15 per hour, searching the newspapers, or shopping the aisles at office superstores to save ten cents on a ream of copy paper, or .$ 50 on that box of file folders, the wasted time you are paying in salaries usually offsets any savings you are get fixating on the lowest invoice price.

The best way to start saving on office supplies now is finding an online independent office supply company you can trust that has low prices every day, and thus stop wasting time looking around for that next “great buy”. Today there are new companies that even guarantee that their prices are better than the big Mega Office Stores. Also, it’s awesome to learn there are new breeds of companies out there that do business differently with a conscious capitalism business model. They treat employees, vendors, the environment and the community as valuable pieces to success, and some even donate half of their profits to great charities. Look for these companies on a Google search, it’s simple. Then compare a few prices and save time and money being loyal to a great supplier, not a corporate machine like the Big Boxes.

My whole message to you is to convince you to take into consideration the Absolute Total Cost of buying office products, not just looking at invoice price. It is eye-opening to see first hand the different expenses your business incurs in the process of buying office supplies when you compare simply ordering online from a trusted office supply company, versus sending an office employee to the nearest “Office Mega Depot” to get that promo case of copy paper “deal” that you saw in the Sunday circulars.

Small businesses typically have orders that include a box of Pendaflex report covers, a carton of paper, an HP ink cartridge, 1 dozen Sharpie markers, a pack of 3 x 3 yellow Post-It notes, a box of Universal hanging folders, a carton of GP paper towels for the break room, and a big box of pretzels to sit on the assistants desk for people to munch on.

An order like that can run to about $ 80, which is just over the free delivery order value for most of the newer online office supply companies. Now, let’s suppose that Office Mega Depot is running a sale on ink cartridges and paper, and while the everyday low prices from your favorite online company gives you an order total of $ 80, the cost from Office Mega Depot is $ 74. That looks like a $ 6 savings by shopping at the nearest superstore. But let’s look at the true total cost of going to that big box retail store.

So the retail store is pretty close, only about a 15 minute drive, no big deal. That’s 30 minutes getting there and back. Finding the products you need in a large retail superstore isn’t easy, so getting the products on your list takes some time to navigate down the aisles stocked with products that all look the same. I’ll be conservative and say it takes 20 minutes to find all your stuff, load the cart and checkout. In total, that is close to one hours time you are paying an employee to shop, and this is a really conservative estimate…total time is usually more. If your employee is making a typical white collar admin type salary of $ 15.00, you just spent and extra $ 15 on your order. Compare that to the typical 10 minutes it would take to buy 5-6 items online which is only $ 2.50 in employee time.

The government allows you to claim $ .52 cents per mile on expenses for gas, so saying the drive there and back is 15 miles that’s another $ 7.80. Also, many internet companies are not required to charge sales tax in most states, so an order from the office superstore will have a sales tax charge of around $ 5.92, or 8%. I won’t quantify it here, but remember there is also the risk of employee accidents while on company business driving, and the increased insurance cost this could cause.

Ok, lets review who really provides the lowest cost to your business on an average office supply order, and on an order where the office superstore seemed to have the lowest prices. The cost for your order shopping from your trusted online office supply store was $ 80 total with no shipping or sale tax charges. Add in the time for an employee to shop online and your True Total Cost is $ 82.50

Taking advantage of that in-store copy paper deal, and the promo on ink cartridges gave you a lower invoice price of $ 74.00 at the Big Box store. However, adding in sales tax of $ 5.92, the employee time costs of $ 15, and the cost for gas reimbursement of $ 7.80, this supposed great deal really equals $ 102.72 in Total Acquisition Cost!

So, an order that looked to be $ 6.00 cheaper by going to the nearest superstore actually is a far better value – $ 20.00 cheaper, or a full 20% – by ordering online from a trusted office supply dealer.

So remember to be smart when ordering Office Products, Janitorial Supplies, Office Furniture or Technology items for your office. Find an independent dealer you can trust, always consider the Total Cost for your office supplies, support other small businesses, not Big Box stores. Save cash for your business!

Stephan R Vonn is an expert on Office Supplies Online, and he searches out companies that practice Conscious Capitalism. He loves Zuma Office for great prices and free shipping, plus they give back 50% to great charities! Check them out today.

Olympic Stadium Box Office 2
box office
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When Parm Gill graduated from BCIT’s interior design program, she was still living at home and expecting to find herself in a traditional job environment: a cubicle at a design firm. Facing a recessionary climate with few jobs on the horizon, Parm turned to self-employment but found herself challenged with the question of where to work.

Like many graduates-cum-entrepreneurs, Parm needed to match expenses with revenues. In other words, she needed to save cash until client fees started rolling in. Leasing an office space was not part of the immediate future. Student loans limited her ability to borrow in order to redesign her parents’ den into a home office. And with “home” based in the suburbs 50km from the nearest metropolis, she could hardly expect to meet the needs of corporate clients who were centered in the downtown core.

As a first step towards a professional office image, Parm could consider providing a business address and not her parents’ home. Two options make this affordable: renting a postal box office or using a commercial mail receiving agency mailbox service. The upside: it sounds corporate, and there is a suite number. The downside: if your clients drive by, they may realize that this is not a corporate office.

Parm’s solution? Going virtual. A low monthly rate provided all the services, staff and state-of-the art technology Parm would need for her growing business. Most virtual professional office spaces provide a corporate mailing address, well-designed lobby and reception (with call screening and forwarding to your home or cell phone) along with meeting rooms and the use of a work space.

But what should Parm be looking for when shopping for a professional office?

Like many creative professionals, Parm needed her virtual office to provide an area where she could meet clients as well as take care of the backend: creating designs and organizing the meeting notes, photos and paraphernalia provided by clients and suppliers. As an essential part of her office would be a desk large enough to accommodate paperwork as well as computer equipment. Few student-sized desks have large enough trays for keyboards let alone space for drawing paper and blueprints. Parm would need an L-shaped desk with a spacious keyboard tray as well as lower shelves for peripherals or files.

While many virtual office packages provide a low-cost rate for shared desk space, Parm opted for a private desk at a rate comparable to renting a bachelor suite.

Being on the road between her Langley home and Vancouver clients, Parm needed to ensure there was a virtual assistant during core business hours to take calls while she was driving and to receive courier deliveries.

Next, Parm’s virtual office needed some essentials to supplement her laptop and cell phone. Shelves, cabinets and file cabinets would help her stay organized and store swatches as well as other samples provided by suppliers and clients.

What are some of the tech basics Parm should consider in a professional office? A multi-purpose scanner, fax machine, copier and printer provides an advantage if space is limited. But if one component breaks down, you might find yourself wishing you had a separate device (for faxing and photocopying).

Since Parm’s work involves presentations, here are a few more virtual office perks that she could look forward to using: web conferencing for interactive presentations and video conferencing for communicating face-to-face with clients spread out in other areas or clients on the road.

First impressions are hard to undo, and for a design professional, the image Parm wanted to portray was stylish and hip. After visiting a variety of virtual offices, Parm found a renovated heritage-style building which offered exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows that bathed the space in natural light. Shared by other design professionals in web and marketing, Parm discovered that not only did the space provide the setup and equipment but also an instant office to network with.

Ingrid Schneller is an office space expert at Elite Business Centres. Elite specializes in providing Vancouver virtual office solutions that are fully equipped and supported by trained, professional staff. You can learn more about their professional office services by visiting their website at http://www.eliteoffices.com

A Nice Hot Cup of Tea!
box office
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The new teen motion picture Tomorrow When The War Began has done actually very well at the Australian box office in its 1st month of release. The motion picture is based on the first of numerous books in a series with the same title. They had been written years ago by writer John Marsden for your younger adult reading audience and have turned out to become part of the English curriculum in most high schools in Australia. Which is what contributed to the book being so well liked, as teens that had to read it at school fell in love with the book and couldn’t wait for your motion picture to be released.

This film was produced in Australia with the majority of the young actors from the movie being young Australian actors who have gained reputation in Australian soapies like Home and Away and Neighbours, to mention a few.

It has had mixed reactions from the public. Most have mentioned how they really enjoyed the film and how Stuart Beattie, the screen writer who adapted the book for the film, has kept to the basic plot of the book. Other people have said they didn’t like the minor alterations he produced to the original tale along with the extra parts he incorporated into the film.

Having seen the film myself, I can say that the movie does stick mainly to the original tale within the book, and also the slight modifications that had been created needed to be, in order to tell the tale within the 104 minutes the film goes for.

The motion picture is the account of seven teenagers who go camping for the weekend through the annual Commemorative Day celebrations which are on in their rural township of Wirrawee. They return to see their town has been invaded by an unknown enemy force with their families being held captive at the showground. The movie then goes on to show how the teens must band together to fight guerrilla style against this enemy force in order to try to save their town and their families.

The film does a very good job of showing how the teens react and cope when thrown into a terrifying predicament and how they deal together with the tension and strain that a predicament like this creates. When they’re pushed to their limits they become quite enterprising from the way they attempt to impede the enemy forces’ stronghold on their city.

This is really a coming of age film as the teenagers have to grow up very fast in order to survive the conditions they now find themselves in. The film has been quite well received by Australian audiences as evidenced by its enormous box office earnings and is positive to become one of the most popular films to come out of Australia.

Want to find out more about the Tomorrow When The War Began movie? Then be sure to visit the Tomorrow Movie site for the latest info about this teen flick.

box office
Image by Edinburgh International Film Festival
Film festival 2011 brochures, staff at the Filmhouse

Check out the box office collections of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Rustom’ which is head in the run with Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Mohenjo Daro’. Take a look at the video.

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Fox Theatre Box Office
box office
Image by dodecasyllabic
Bon Iver at the Fox

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