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Over the past 10-15 years, there has been a huge change in the typical work environment for many professionals. Today’s business people are no longer confined to a simple office location and strapped to a desk. The work environment today has evolved into working from home, in hotels, on the road, even in cars. To meet this changing dynamic in the work force, some new companies are at the forefront selling office supplies online that meet the unique needs of the “Road Warrior” of today, by offering new products designed for the needs of the professional on the move.

Without question, there is a growing need for office products and gadgets that help the new mobile workforce stay productive. Office supplies for the road warrior need to be portable, geared around organization and flexible for different settings. It’s hard enough to stay organized and productive from a static permanent office, but even harder to maximize productivity and stay organized while traveling, or working from a variety of remote locations.

Kensington computer accessories, a division of ACCO brands, recognizes the needs of the emerging mobile workforce and have designed new office supplies for their needs. For example, nothing fits better into a traveler’s brief case to keep you connected and “wired for business” then their new power adapter that is ultra lightweight, thin and charges in the wall outlet, or using an airplanes power connection.

The new Kensington Wall/Air Ultra Thin Notebook Power Adapter’s low-profile design saves space and stows in seconds. Whether you’re on the ground or in the air, it has the power to charge your notebook computer and mobile devices. The slim adapter has multiple functions as it not only charges your notebook but it also charges your mobile phone, PDA, iPod and more via the built-in USB power port.

A mobile professional’s desk on the road is their brief case, and staying organized without becoming bogged down is no small feat. Contour computer cases by Kensington are uniquely made to keep you organized, while keeping the weight of your “traveling desk” from breaking your back. The key is an exclusive weight distribution system that uses proprietary technology to position the weight from your case to a users stronger muscle areas. This can reduce the strain, muscle fatigue and load by as much as 40%. Kensington cases are also designed with style in mind, and come in several different color and configuration choices.

Filing and organization products are a must for the executive on the go. Smead, a company renowned for their innovation in filing products and file folder, features products and solutions to always keep the mobile professional prepared. For those “road warriors” who spend little time behind a desk, organization is a unique challenge. They need an organized, portable system to be fully prepared for any situation, and the ability to find important documents on demand.

Let’s face it, organization in the office is hard…and on the road it’s a nightmare. Smead offers some very helpful hints to get you started in the right direction. First, find the right carry case, portable file chest, or rolling file cart that is large enough to carry at least a weeks amount of files. It’s crucial to find something with durable construction so it travels well, will not damage easily, and will not be open so contents can fall out if it’s tipped over. To organize your documents and file folders inside, start with Smead hanging folders and color coded tabs. Then find the right file jackets or folders to fit nicely inside the hanging folders. Smead recommends classification folders for their high capacity, the prongs provided to keep pages secure, and the multiple sections. Color coding is always a good idea, so you can quickly glance at your folders and know what color folder is the one you need.

Space limitations only allow me to mention Smead file folder products and Kensington computer accessories in this article. The truth is many other brands know the special needs of this market segment, and that it is growing rapidly. Companies like 3M, Avery, Cardinal, Esselte, Safco, Hon and Quartet.

The question I get the most is, “who do you recommend I shop with for my road warrior office supply needs”. Well, that’s a decision best left up to you, but I look for online office supply companies that offer free shipping and have an easy-to-use website. I do not ever buy anymore for the “Mega-Corporate Big Box Office Supply Store”. My search for companies these days is for those, like Whole Foods Market, who practice conscious capitalism and give back to the community. In office supplies, I was thrilled to find a new store that even donates 50% of profits to worthy charities. Look for those that do good work, and trust them with your office supply needs.

The right office products company will have a huge selection for your whole business. This means hanging folders, copy paper and binders – typical office products. But also discount office furniture, office technology products like ink and toner, batteries, mouse pads, digital memory and surge protectors. And finally, janitorial supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and beverage items for the break room.

I am a mobile professional traveling all over, working from home, planes, buses, trains even sometimes an office. So I have a special affinity for fellow road warriors, and know how hard it is to stay productive, organized and “powered-up” on the road. Travel safely and in good spirits, try to find an office supply company that helps you do good work along the way, and and let’s all help others as best you can.

Stephan R Vonn writes about Office Supplies Online. He knows who has the best deal on View Binders and report covers. Zuma Office is his favorite office products dealer. They Do Good Work and give 50% of profits to charity!

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