Reduce Supply Costs With An Office Vending Machine

Over the last few decades big box office supply stores have been a consistently popular industry. Between the unending need for basic office supplies like paper, pads, pens and staples, to the seemingly boundless growth of computer supply needs for products like mice, USB drives and printer cartridges, they are a vital part of our economic engine. Still, as more and more companies try and cut corners to reduce overhead, these company’s premium charges for specific models and variations on both technological and practical office supplies has become an increasing burden on business. Add to that the easy and affordable option of buying in bulk from wholesale retailers and you have yourself a little dilemma on your hands. Do you continue buying office supplies in small and controllable numbers or do you buy large stockpiles and risk having employees get incredibly loose with their usage?

Luckily there is always another option. With the help of an office vending machine you can tightly control the amount of office supplies employees use without relying on frequent trips to a local office supply store on a company card. Your office vending machines can be loaded with the sort of items favored by employees and a unique code can be programmed in to keep track of what each employee is taking out day to day and week to week. These custom vending machines can be stocked with all manner of items from canned air for easy laptop cleaning, to sticky post notes for leaving important memos. Employees might even enjoy the easy accessibility to all of these products. A well positioned custom vending machine will become a great place to meet coworkers and remind each other of upcoming deadlines or to simply build a strong working relationship.

Managing expenses is at this point more important now than ever. The bottom line is quite simply the bottom line. Growing a business in the still anxious and shaky economic climate is an enormous undertaking and every small hint of savings can help your bottom line. In each area of your company you are likely looking to lower overhead without making employee reductions or reducing their pay. This is a way the company can tighten its collective belt without anyone being forced to unjustly feel the pain in their day to day out of office life. It is an easy way to keep more people on staff and keep everyone happy.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is a vending machine retailer ready to specialize a vending machine for any and all purposes you might need them for. Perfect for schools or offices looking for custom vending machines to help entertain or for money saving functional purposes.

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