New Australian Film Release Surpasses Box Office Anticipation

The new teen motion picture Tomorrow When The War Began has done actually very well at the Australian box office in its 1st month of release. The motion picture is based on the first of numerous books in a series with the same title. They had been written years ago by writer John Marsden for your younger adult reading audience and have turned out to become part of the English curriculum in most high schools in Australia. Which is what contributed to the book being so well liked, as teens that had to read it at school fell in love with the book and couldn’t wait for your motion picture to be released.

This film was produced in Australia and also the majority of the young actors in the movie hail from television productions that were produced in Australia. The main character Ellie starred in the popular soap, Neighbours and Lincoln Lewis who plays Homer, starred in Home and Away.

It has had mixed reactions from the public. Most have mentioned how they really enjoyed the film and how Stuart Beattie, the screen writer who adapted the book for the film, has kept to the basic plot of the book. Other people have said they didn’t like the minor alterations he produced to the original tale along with the extra parts he incorporated into the film.

Having seen the motion picture myself, I can say that the movie does stick mainly to the original account in the book; the slight adjustments that have been produced had to be made in order to tell the story in the time frame of 104 minutes.

The motion picture is the account of seven teenagers who go camping for the weekend through the annual Commemorative Day celebrations which are on in their rural township of Wirrawee. They return to see their town has been invaded by an unknown enemy force with their families being held captive at the showground. The movie then goes on to show how the teens must band together to fight guerrilla style against this enemy force in order to try to save their town and their families.

The motion picture does an excellent job of showing how younger adults react and cope when thrown into a terrifying circumstance and how they deal with all the tension and strain that a circumstance like this creates. When they are pushed to their limits they turn out to be really enterprising in the way they try to impede the enemy forces’ stronghold on their town.

This is really a coming of age motion picture as the teenagers must grow up fast to become able to survive the conditions they now discover themselves in. The motion picture has been really nicely received by Australian audiences as evidenced by its large box office earnings and is positive to become one of the great films to come out of Australia.

If you’d like to know more about the Tomorrow When The War Began movie visit the Tomorrow Movie site to find out about the cast and characters

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