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Merely put, movies online is the initial place in which to search for all box office-rated films within a click of a button. Unlike the land based cinema theater, here 1 can expect to discover several rated titles with out the restriction of having a distributor to mediate the gap between the studio as well … Continue reading → Continue reading →

There’s nothing more fun than being with your friends on hot afternoon. You can chill out, hang loose, and just relax. And if the odds are good, all of you should have enough cash to go on a quick ride down to town and have yourselves a ball at the box office.

Today’s youngsters find the movie theater or the box office as a dating mecca for their generation. They found the seats and the theater a sacred ground for winning over the love of their loves.

The box office theaters have played countless times the role of cupid in the lives of numerous couples. But long before the movie theater turned into the house of hearts, the box office served as one of the most popular pastimes. T

his was way before the invention of the television when the motion picture that was dubbed as “the silent movies” started it all for the box office industry and the moving picture business.

The introduction of the motion picture to the public sky rocketed the growth of the box office industry.

Movie theater after movie theater was built at the time of the motion picture revolution because of the countless masses that wanted to have the chance to see the incredible moving pictures, the need for more movie theaters grew steadily over this period.

During this time, the box office has made for itself a niche in the society. As the time passed the motion picture industry decided to take a bold leap forward and looked for ways on how to develop and integrate sound into the moving picture.

Countless hours were spent on integrating the sound into the silent movies and the end result made the box office industry raked in more green backs from countless movie aficionados.

And the movie industry continuously creates more and more ideas to improve the people’s movie experience and make falling in line in the box office worth it.

Among the many innovations and the revolutionary developments in the box office and motion picture industry is the introduction and assimilation of special effects into the movie production process.

The first manifestation of the integration of special effects in the movies was the creation of fake blood and claymation. This was the height of special effects at that period.

Countless movies have deployed claymation effects and a lot of movie animation to let the story come alive and let the people that they have to be thankful to the highest power and the Gods of movies because of the box office event.

A box office hit during those days would consist of the most potent formula of love story/love triangle, special effects and a grand battle between the forces of the good and the evil.

Of course, the special effects departments owe it to themselves to further develop their craft for the moviegoers and the box office itself.

Over the years, they have thought of making more elements of the special effects business and the special effects side of the motion picture as real as it seems.

In the 80s, the “in” thing became the animatronics or the art of making electronic skeletoids move and act like real life animals. Countless movies have deployed the use of animatronics.

And when people thought everything about special effects for the “would-be” box office hits in the movie industry seemed to have been thought of, the special effects proved people wrong.

Like the wizards, more and more creative people have come up with innovative ideas and creations using the advent of technology with computers as a medium. The use of computers or digital animation became an effective tool to further enhance special effects.

Computer generated images, also known as CGI were infused to the box office. These innovations were melded with the light and magic created by moviemakers, thus, continued to weave more breakthrough and commendable box office hit.

These box office hits made people believe that the box office world is the real world and they are really a part of that world.

So, if there’s nothing you and your friends can do on a hot afternoon, go down town, visit the little box office with the lady inside. Buy popcorn, relax, and jut plain cold chill while you watch the movie. Enjoy.

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Box Office – WWII Style
box office
Image by Caza_No_7
I stumbled across this place yesterday. It’s a World War 2 RAF Camp! This shot shows an old cashiers till with the old theatre stage in the background. This place is immense! The stage looked far too dangerous to step on so I kept well clear, only peering in through the doorway to grab this shot.

Camera: Canon EOS 450D
Exposure: 2.8
Aperture: f/8.0
Focal Length: 10 mm
ISO Speed: 100
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm

HDR: Photomatix – 3 exposures (0 / -2 / 2)
Photoshop CS3:
1) Auto-Levels
2) Duplicate Layer & convert to black and white (Blue channel)
3) Set blend mode to Multiply
4) Crop
5) Lens correction – subtle black vignette added

For many people, it is very exciting to have the opportunity to see a live performance of their favorite singer or musical band. They look forward to finding out what acts are going to be visiting their town and putting on concerts. But, even the most excited and die-hard fans can get discouraged and loose enthusiasm for a concert when faced with long lines at the box office to buy the concert tickets they want.

But, these days there really is very little reason to stand in long lines like people used to do before the internet. No longer do people need to camp out overnight and wait for the box office to open and start selling the coveted tickets for the concert. They don’t have to sleep on the sidewalk in order to be first in line so they can grab the best seats in the house.

Instead, even the biggest fans of a group can buy tickets for just about any performance online. These days there are plenty of online ticketing websites that make it easy and simple to buy any concert tickets a person could want.

In a way, these websites that sell tickets online can even be considered to be a virtual box office. These sites not only sell tickets to concerts but you can buy tickets to a number of different types of events as well. In addition, these ticket agency websites are an excellent source of information about all of the different performances, shows, plays and events that are coming to your area. They typically have calendars that show all of the various acts and where they will be performing.

Because of this, you can get tickets for a concert on the internet, but as well, often in the same transaction, you can also buy tickets for more than one concert or for a Broadway production that is coming to town. This makes it easy to plan and organize your entertainment schedule so that you can be sure that you don’t purchase tickets to different events on the same day.

Many of these special websites that provide ticket sales also have regular email newsletters that you can subscribe to. At the time you subscribe, you can indicate what type of entertainment you are most interested in seeing, and then as new performances are scheduled, the site can send you an email to alert you of the ticket information and when the ticket sales will begin. This way you don’t even have to spend time searching for what types of shows and performances are coming your way, since you will already be informed so you can make your plans and take action as soon as the online ticket sales begin.

Sometimes, these websites that provide ticket sales will also hold contests for their members or their subscribers. You might be able to win free concert tickets or get a discount on your tickets through these contests. At times, there are even opportunities to get VIP seating or backstage passes, so it makes sense to sign up for these free newsletters.

Visit Mike Selvon portal to learn more about concert tickets . Your feedback is much appreciated at our asap tickets/a> blog where a free gift awaits you.

Zarkana Theater & Box Office
box office
Image by Prayitno / Thank you for (11 millions +) views
Cirque du Soleil Production
Aria Resort Las Vegas, Nevada

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Your fantasy world is at your fingertips. Blog-To-Bollywood brings the best and the latest from Bollywood to for your savior.
Keeping Track Of Box-Office:
We keep track of the box-office for you. Just by knowing how a latest movie has performed on the box-office you can decide about its popularity and success.
Bollywood 100-crore clubs:-
This club belongs to those movies which have mopped up more than 100cr in box-office collections. Many movies which have made up to this club are the ones which had big stars. They had a high-budget and were released nationally.
So far only 43 of latest movies are in this club and most of them have the crossed the 100Cr. in the collection as fast as they can.
Bollywood 200-crore clubs:-
This club was started by the Aamir Khan starred 3-idiots in 2009. After that, many movies have achieved this feat. Movies like Happy New Year, Chennai Express, Krissh-3, Kick, PK, Bajrangi Bhaijan, and Dhoom-3 belong to this prestigious club.
Well, you may wonder what these clubs have to do with you. It has if you go out watching any of these movies with your family you will surely get a value for money in terms of entertainment and fun.
Bollywood Actresses:
Can You Think of Bollywood Without Actresses? Certainly not, these glamour queens are the very reason youths go to theaters in hordes. They are the brand ambassadors, they are trend setters and they bring the latest fashion to the market!
Deepika Padukone is one Bollywood Diva who has achieved super success without even having any background in the Bollywood industry. She isn’t a star kid, his father is a sportsperson. Her fist super-hit was Om Shanti Om (2007) which made her a favorite choice amongst producers & directors.
She never looked back since then. Numerous movies of her have been released and many of them were hits with few in were 100Cr. & 200 Cr. club.
She is a heartthrob of young hearts and her pictures & posters are in their rooms and laptops. Just visit our website and you can download many Deepika Padukone Hot Pics.

Just see Deepika Padukone in Red Dress, on in a beach look, or see her in a charismatic waiting posture. Every pose of her oozes beauty and her mesmerizing looks have given her millions of fans across the world.

If you want something different; just see the hot pics of other Bollywood actresses who have to make their mark in the industry. Now don’t wait & catch the latest Bollywood action on

Blog-To-Bollywood brings the best and the latest from Bollywood to for your savior.If you want something different; just see the hot pics of other Bollywood actresses who have to make their mark in the industry. Now don’t wait & catch the latest Bollywood action on

My Office @ The Department of Imagination
box office
Image by Zee (Zuleicca Resident)
When Imagination is your tools of trade, you set up office Anywhere. Also, I answered Berry’s "Second Life Made Me Learn" meme.

══════════════SLurls in post═══════════════
Forest: Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel – Studio Skye

Snowy Bird Feeder Stand – Alouette
Easel (tropical texture change) – 7 Emporium
string lights – floorplan
old wooden fence/reds dots} – vespertine
✤Grandma’s Suitcase Desk – Little Llama (discounted 1 week for The Challenge: Globetrotter)
✤Glass cloche with with Mushroom coral – Soy
✤Glass cloche with Mushrooms – Soy
✤the book tree – [hate this]
My Box of Poetry Books (old gacha) – Scarlet Creative
Bird Cage Candle Holder – Alouette
✤ = Blogger copies

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As Sundance 2013 begins, I’ve spent some time contemplating the challenges of new entrants into the industry. Producers, directors, writers, and all the key players of these lower budget movies are surely under the microsoft office 2013 when it comes to mass-market appeal and public credibility. It is amazing to me how much the marketing and publicity of a movie determines whether it makes the A or B list in Hollywood. A well-financed movie with big backers and big names tends to do well as long as it has a lot of money for marketing and publicity pushing up behind it.

Interestingly enough, the movies that we recommend to our friends are usually the popular movies, the big box microsoft windows 8 movies, and thus, the winners of the game. No one wants to recommend a movie which bombed out at the box office, even if that movie was incredible, artistically perfect, and completely notable. But if only the big well-financed movies which make the A-list get high ratings then what does it say for the new players, all those young kids with incredible talent and genius coming out of film school, do they even have a chance, a chance do dance, in the sun or should they pack their bags a run?

While they are in their mental prime they may have the ability to produce incredible movies, and even if they don’t have the experience, they make up for it with that creative genius. But if no one sees their movie, and if they don’t get the money they need to do it right, it will never have the chance to make the A-list, or even have the synergy it needs to make a cheap windows 7 professional, many of the movies from the Sundance Festival in 2013 will go viral, and they will get some publicity. However only a few of the movies coming out of the Sundance will get the recognition, awards, and credibility they need to jump the gap, or even have a chance at making the A-list.

Not long ago I was listening to an audio cassette program “Counseling Clients in the Entertainment Industry – Film and Television Financing, Production, and Distribution” and one of the cheap windows 7 ultimate was explaining how critics determine which movies they would watch to rate, how they would rate them, and even the award bias seen within the industry itself; Oscars, Emmys, and Academy Awards.

If your film doesn’t make the A-list, and if it isn’t a big budget movie, the odds are stacked against you. How unfortunate indeed, but you must not give up, you must prevail, so give it all you got. I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of cheap windows 7 enterprise on Creativity. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank

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Light box
box office
Image by raindog
Another addition to the ‘weird stuff outside our office’ collection: a large box of flashing lights with sounds, and the lights changed periodically or when anyone puts their hands near the surface.

Before you spend your hard earned money purchasing a movie ticket, it’s always best to ensure that movie will be worth your time. One of the best ways of getting a fair idea whether or not you will like a particular movie is to watch movie trailers.

Convenient Websites

The internet has made it very convenient for movie lovers to get the latest movie news and watch movie trailers of upcoming movies, from the comfort of your home. If you have a passion for films isn’t it convenient if you can find all the information you need from the star cast to the plot line in one comprehensive website? This will make it so much easier to select the movies you wish to see based on various movies review.

If you are a fan of films and love a particular actor or actress you can download movie posters from the special websites, get the latest Hollywood news about your favorite celebrity. If there’s a particular film that about to be released, you can get all the updates about it. This will truly enrich your experience as you will be aware of everything that went into making that movie. While you read interviews given by the star cast and watch interesting movie trailers and previews, you will be able to make an informed decision and chose a film that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Benefits Of Movie Websites

Websites which carry extensive information about the latest movies being made, get a lot of visitors who like you are crazy about films. This generates a lot of interesting conversation between the viewers thus making such websites a virtual melting pot of movie buff. Given below are some of the benefits of websites which carry movie reviews and trailers:

* You can get the latest celebrity news about your favorite stars and their lives and activities.
* Get the latest box office reports of the films you wish to see. The movie box office gives you accurate judgments about the status of films, so that you can decide to watch or give it a miss.
* You can find out about the release dates of the latest films so that you can plan to watch it at your nearby theatre.
* You get interesting tidbits of information and gossip about movies coming soon.
* The websites provide movie and TV news which avid fans of films and television are interested in. TV news includes information about the latest shows, schedules, reviews and all about the TV stars.
* The website reviews movies and shows movie trailers of the latest films and you get news in advance about any film you are keen to watch. Movie reviews are indications about upcoming films and can be deciding factors that attract you to watching a film.

The besting about movie and TV related websites are that they are very attractively designed. You can join forums and discussion groups and participate actively with other movie lovers, on the website. Watching movie trailers is just one among the interesting activities that are provided on this information filled websites. You can register and become a member and immerse yourself in your favorite pastime, easily and effortlessly, on these online websites. is a website for movie trailers and other related information about movies and TV news.

Outdoor Cinema Box Office
box office
Image by mikecogh
Used at

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Right this very second, in the heart of every struggling, undiscovered screenwriter, in the dark, hidden corner deep within, there is a voice, a clear whisper, saying one thing:
You’re never gonna figure this out.
And this is not referring to the story with its gaping hole, the finale missing a payoff, the hit and miss humor, the flat title.
I’m talking about freedom. The freedom to work as a screenwriter. Compensation for a home for family and a life. The resources to wake up and ply your craft and pay the freight, without obstacle. The chance to see your writing made into pictures, to work with the industry’s best, to fulfill this goal of professional screenwriter. Hollywood success.
Behind this voice is the idea that somehow, some way, you’ll find the hero, or the hook, logline or pitch that will punch your golden ticket. If you could only figure out what the studio wants, if you can only get a solid bead to this game, you know you can write and execute. What is the script I should write to get an agent? What is the one that will sell? It’s not that I don’t know how to write, I know how to write screenplays, I just need to know what they want, even though I think I know what they want, but I don’t think I have the idea that they want. Yeah.
I’m not gonna figure this out, whispers the voice.
Why this uneasiness? Does it originate within ourselves? I don’t think so. But where does it come from? The daily obsession with box office grosses? The news of the seven figure deals to newbies? The endless procession of boneheadedly conceived franchises-in-waiting arriving in the theatres every Friday? People winning Academy Awards for movies you would not be caught dead writing? Recognizing an idea you came up with years ago on your couch, produced with a $ 130 million budget drowning in CGI?
All these things are but a few of the possible reasons why this seeds unhealthy doubt and confusion in the modern screenwriter. Tracking these forces outside us and beyond our control in an effort to trudge the path to a successful screenwriting career will prove to most to be unproductive and corrosive. Basically, trying to figure out what Hollywood wants will land us in a resentment that makes “giving up” a sane response to the very challenge which used to inspire us. In short, we cannot chase a perceived trend and remember our dreams.
You cannot look at the marketplace and find your voice. You can find ideas, trends, and inspiration there, perhaps, but you can find these things driving in traffic as well. But listening to your voice is the key to creating original, compelling stories.
Your life is your own story. You have a completely unique thread of experience. By allowing yourself to express these emotional experiences, your screenplay, your story, will be different from any other and powerful, as original as your fingerprint.
Why is it powerful? When we have the courage to be specific about what we know about living, we create an authentic world an audience recognizes as the life they are living on planet Earth. This connects your audience to your story. This connection is the foundation of the phenomena of story.
Why does story mean so much to us? We recognize the triumphs and tragedies of our lives, with all the hilarity and tears. By seeing it, we are validated and it underscores meaning and purpose to living.
If we don’t use what we’ve collected in life in our hearts and spirits, then our story loses its authenticity and the connection the audience should make fails. They do not see themselves, and when they leave the theater, they do not call their friends. When people do not call their friends after seeing a movie, the movie bombs.
When a writer opens their person to their work, when they allow themselves to be vulnerable, to risk exposure of the secrets of their life story, they take a huge step towards creating a screenplay of substantial value, a screenplay with a greater potential of a large number of tickets sold.
This is precisely why art and commerce have remained bedfellows for thousands of years. To look at the relationship between art and commerce as adversarial or incompatible is just plain foolish. Art happens when people invest their spirits in their work without fear, and story is artful when the writing is truthful and the writer is authentic.
And what do we have to be honest about? We can only lie about what we know, and we can only tell the truth about what we know. And that is what has happened to us, our life story. This is what we share.
This is not a pitch to write “what you know.” This is not about writing stories about where you work or where you live. This is about writing about what you felt. You can imagine characters and worlds and actions and speech you’ve never personally experienced, but if you remember to infuse your choices with your emotional and spiritual struggles and victories as a human being, your screenplay will be different in the very best sense of the word.
The question you have to answer is not what does Hollywood want today. The question is how honest of a writer do you want to be. I guarantee you can write a blockbuster, you can write a box office hit. This will happen when you find an audience. And the correct path to this crowd of people is listening to yourself. If you practice, you will develop an inner ear for who you are and what you know and you will become masterful in loading your work with your fingerprints. Writing is personal work. You are the guitar. You are the box of paint. Give of that and your audience will remember why life is good and they will talk of you.

Udderbelly Box Office
box office
Image by garryknight
At London’s South Bank again for summer 2014.

US Box Office ( 24 / 7 / 2016 )

1 ………..Star Trek Beyond 2016
2…………The Secret Life of Pets 2016
3…………Ghostbusters 2016
4…………Lights Out 2016
5…………Ice Age: Collision Course 2016
6…………Finding Dory 2016
7…………The Legend of Tarzan 2016
8…………Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates 2016
9…………Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party 2016
10……….The Infiltrator 2016

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