The Box Office Is The Place For Getting Cheap Tickets

For people who like to think of themselves as being theater buffs and who try to take in as many theatrical performances as they can, getting hold of discounted show tickets can be quite a thrill. Securing discounts is especially exciting for people who are enamored of the grand shows on Broadway, which can cost upwards of $ 100 and more per seat. At those prices, purchasing tickets through the box office can get so expensive that it limits how often they can attend such theatrical events.

The fact is that not as many people these days can afford to pay full price for their theater tickets and still be able to enjoy as many shows as they would like to take in. And, for those who are traveling to New York City and are already dealing with the increasing price of air tickets and hotel accommodations these days, it is even more important to try to find the best ticket prices in order to be able to enjoy as many of the Broadway spectacles as possible during their visit.

The good news is that in today’s internet age, there are more options than ever for finding cheap tickets and avoid paying the full price that the box office charges for live productions. There are now several different internet sites where theater buffs can go to find discount codes and coupons for various event tickets. Some even have special promotions and contests for free tickets.

These special websites are designed particularly for people who are able to plan well in advance and buy tickets to the Broadway shows early in the season. Often, these discount ticketing websites also function as a marketing and promotional arm of the big shows by helping to kick off ticket sales of new shows or help increase the ticket sales, especially if one of the shows is lagging somewhat in popularity.

These sites often have access to special discount coupon codes that can be used to make online ticket purchases through the site. At the same time, sometimes you can use these codes or coupons and take them right to the box office and receive your discount at that time. These sites are typically listed as part of the guidebook to the Broadway shows.

There are some restrictions on some of these discounts and generally is a limited selection of showtimes tickets to choose from. This is so that the ticket sales can be regulated somewhat and so that discounts are not given for show times that are the most popular. Instead, many of the cheap tickets available will be for matinees and evening performances, Monday through Thursday.

Those who attend the theater often have learned that it is best to buy tickets early in a new theater season, in order to have an opportunity to secure discounts on the tickets. It is also a good idea to inquire at the box office about special discounts that are available that you might qualify for, such as senior or student discounts, or discounts for purchasing tickets to multiple performances or season tickets.

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