How To Avoid The Frustration When Top Movies Don’t Deliver

Often these days, newly released films in movie theatres are touted to be the next top box office hits, yet fall short of the hype that accompanies the impending release. While this is disappointing to all movie lovers, it can be particularly frustrating for people who buy the DVDs of these movies without having seen them in the theater first.

The biggest problem arises when upcoming movies are touted as being the next top box office hits and then simply do not live up to the promotions and publicity. Many people purchase these top movies from a list of hits without having seen them in the theater first. When they do this they often feel the money they spent on the DVD was a complete waste, as well as a waste of their time, spent watching a poor quality movie.

It seems that more and more often, the movies that become box office hits often get to that position more because of the movie trailers and the media hype that surrounds the movie than it does because it was an excellent production. Even worse, often these movies end up being nothing like what was portrayed in the trailers, as often only the best parts are shown, leaving little else that is worth watching.

One of the best ways to sidestep this frustration is to go high-tech for a solution and sift through all of the supposedly top-rated, box office shows. More and more people are finding the best value in entertainment to be the new movie download sites that allow their members to download unlimited movies and watch them either on their computer or on their television.

This way, people can eliminate the need to deal with the crowds at the movie theaters and also skip the expense and hassle of renting DVDs. Instead, they are able to simply download the top new movies and not really worry about whether or not the movie lives up to all of the hype and promotion. If they like it, they can either save it on their computer for later viewing, or they can buy the DVD if they really liked it.

There are more and more of these movie download sites becoming available all the time. Most of them offer a flat fee membership that allows you to download an unlimited number of top movies during the month. Many people buy additional hard drives to store the movies that they love, and they are able to simply delete the ones that did not live up to their expectations.

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Downer Theater Box Office
box office
Image by ScottNorrisPhoto
"And so, my friends, we’ll say goodnight,
for time has claimed his prize,
but tonight can always last,
as long as we keep alive,
the mem’ries of Paradise"
— "A.D. 1958" by Styx from the album "Paradise Theater"

The Downer Theater box office and front entry. Downer Avenue, East Side, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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