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Everyone loves sundays and weekends when we get on a chair or on a sofa and staying along with our “half” – to be understanded as our girlfriend or boyfriend, or, hubsand or wife. We all of us, at least one time per week, we get time for watching a movie, a great or just a good one. Then we go and story to anyone known how great or good or bad was that movie.

How do we choose a movie? We go and surf the internet, or maybe kist watching various tops on tv, reading different brochures or just going on a movie shop. Also the movies box office is very important when you choose a movie, isn’t that true? I am sure the answer give will be positive.

A high intervention in our choose, maybe fifty percent is the given movie trailer : from there starts everything. Then we might go and see what other people thinks about that movie and we decide which is the choosen movie.

There are various websites with the proposal to offer a place where people can review (aka posting comments) to one or more watched movies that you have been seen so people would know what is other people opinion about a given movie. That will might help them, when they want to watch a great movie.

For example, on are posted frequently the Top 10 Movies and their trailers (ussually official trailers).

Also, in that website ( they are posting a maintained box office of movies, so it is easy as one, two, three to see them in a dedicated page, it’s helping us to avoi searching them in hundreds of websites for each movie.

By the way : there are two sort of people who love watching I movie. But, the question is : where do you prefer to see it ? Well, there are only two responses available. First answer is that people who wants quiet around and gets the movie rendered in their home dvd cinema, and, the second answer is that people who prefer going to a cinema, to see and meet another people, who loves the cinema high quality sounds (sometimes).

What do you think is the best choice? My opinion is that depends of a lot of things such as audience age, the movie kind (action, thriller, comedy) etc., lifestyle, moment disposition and so on.

Post scriptum : To be mentioned, as there a lot of movie genres, a very important fact when some people choose a movie is movie genre: someone would prefer to watch a comedy to make himself laughing, some other would prefer a sience fiction film because maybe they just want to explore the movie creators imagination, someone might want a romance because they are teenagers or want to gain a little bit more of experience in life, and I could continue with an entire list of movie genres and their descriptions.

Dont waste your time : go and make your own research to pickup and start watching a great movie which you’ll love after.

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