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Purchasing the tickets to one of the foremost New York Broadway shows is an expensive undertaking, especially if you are planning to buy them for the best seats in the house for the most popular performances. Traditionally, people have gone to the box office of the theater to purchase their event ones, but more and more often today, people are drawn to the online ticket sales websites.

Even before the internet came along and made online ticketing so simple for people, there were many theater ticket agencies that started handling the ticket sales that used to be handled exclusively through a box office at the actual venue where the stage show was being performed. Two of the big names in ticket agencies are TeleCharge and Ticket Master, both of which have both been around for many years.

Today, approximately 98 percent of them sold for Broadway shows are now transacted via the websites or call centers of these two primary ticket agencies, which leaves a very small portion of the sales that are handled at the box office any more. One of the reasons why these event ticket agencies have gotten to be so popular is that they provide their customers with a very convenient way to make purchases of event tickets.

Before the ticket agencies became popular, if a traveler wanted to buy them to three different Broadway shows during their visit to New York, then they would have had to go to each box office separately to buy the tickets they wanted. But, once Ticket Master and TeleCharge came along to sell tickets, a person could take care of buying all of the tickets they needed at one time.

When businesses started to look into how to take advantage of the internet to provide better service to their customers, these ticket agencies became some of the first businesses to fully implement ticket sales online. These days, a person can simply log onto the websites of these companies and they can see complete schedules of performances. Not only do these companies sell tickets to Broadway events, but they also sell tickets for almost any type of special happening that is scheduled for any performance venue in most large cities, and even medium sized towns.

One thing to keep in mind when dealing with these ticket selling agencies and their websites is that they do charge a service fee that is over and above the face value of the tickets they sell. If you are buying a large block of theater tickets or concert tickets for a group of people, then these fees can add up to a substantial amount. In these cases, it probably makes more sense to buy directly from a box office at the venue in order to save on these fees.

Those who prefer to save those ticket agency fees by buying their event tickets from the concert hall or theater can also save some time by calling the venue and purchasing them over the phone with a credit or debit card. The tickets can be mailed to you, or if time does not allow for that, or you just want to avoid postage fees, then you can make arrangements to pick up the tickets at the box office window on the day of the show.

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My box office, aw.
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The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide Fringe 2010, Opening Night

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It should be no surprise that positive publicity can help determine the success of a business venture. Yet in no industry is it more critical than in the film industry. Recent movies have proven that often times, the trailers for movies can determine their successes more than the quality of the films themselves, except in the cases of complete bombs. One group of films based on Frank Millers’ novels has used trailers to amazing effect, drawing massive crowds. Hollywood better take note, or be left in the dust.

Take the recent release “Watchmen”. Before the movie even was released, many were prepared to call it the greatest film ever, even people who had never read the comic books. Regardless of the content, it is apparent that the hype was perhaps out of proportion to the film’s true quality, as ratings for the film began to fall in the preceding days, rather than rise. Nonetheless, the trailers served to bring crowds, which in turn helped “Watchmen” claim the top spot at the box office, which is sure to bring in more movie goers to see the popular film.

Another example is yet another Frank Miller based film “300”, which soared at the box office and managed to gain an eye-popping number of people to the theater who may have been unfamiliar with Frank Miller. Many who did not take a liking to Sin City, still showed up as the trailer was so impressive in portraying the ferocity and amazing artwork of the war film. The film is remarkable for it’s amazing box office earnings while lacking truly big name actors. The film overall impressed audiences, bringing back repeat watchers as well as earning it extremely positive mentions from fans, helping increase the buzz.

Regardless, it may have well been quite possible that “300” could have gone relatively un-noticed at the box office had it not been for the amazing trailers. The “300” trailers had gotten millions of views on YouTube and other sites, and it’s worth noting that is free advertising to millions of potential moviegoers. Without the great trailers, that would of never occurred.

Many great films had releases with only a small initial turnout or earnings. These cult classics failed to make any sort of splash. Donnie Darko being one great example that failed to make any significant earnings at the box office but went on to become widely popular with steady DVD sales. Others went straight to DVD and never managed to get the type of box office earnings they could have, such as “Equilibrium” and “The Boondock Saints”. Overall, a flashy trailer can do far more for a film than even the reputation of a big name actor or a massive marketing budget can do, as the Frank Miller films have shown.

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Kings Drive-in Theater

Everyone loves sundays and weekends when we get on a chair or on a sofa and staying along with our “half” – to be understanded as our girlfriend or boyfriend, or, hubsand or wife. We all of us, at least one time per week, we get time for watching a movie, a great or just a good one. Then we go and story to anyone known how great or good or bad was that movie.

How do we choose a movie? We go and surf the internet, or maybe kist watching various tops on tv, reading different brochures or just going on a movie shop. Also the movies box office is very important when you choose a movie, isn’t that true? I am sure the answer give will be positive.

A high intervention in our choose, maybe fifty percent is the given movie trailer : from there starts everything. Then we might go and see what other people thinks about that movie and we decide which is the choosen movie.

There are various websites with the proposal to offer a place where people can review (aka posting comments) to one or more watched movies that you have been seen so people would know what is other people opinion about a given movie. That will might help them, when they want to watch a great movie.

For example, on are posted frequently the Top 10 Movies and their trailers (ussually official trailers).

Also, in that website ( they are posting a maintained box office of movies, so it is easy as one, two, three to see them in a dedicated page, it’s helping us to avoi searching them in hundreds of websites for each movie.

By the way : there are two sort of people who love watching I movie. But, the question is : where do you prefer to see it ? Well, there are only two responses available. First answer is that people who wants quiet around and gets the movie rendered in their home dvd cinema, and, the second answer is that people who prefer going to a cinema, to see and meet another people, who loves the cinema high quality sounds (sometimes).

What do you think is the best choice? My opinion is that depends of a lot of things such as audience age, the movie kind (action, thriller, comedy) etc., lifestyle, moment disposition and so on.

Post scriptum : To be mentioned, as there a lot of movie genres, a very important fact when some people choose a movie is movie genre: someone would prefer to watch a comedy to make himself laughing, some other would prefer a sience fiction film because maybe they just want to explore the movie creators imagination, someone might want a romance because they are teenagers or want to gain a little bit more of experience in life, and I could continue with an entire list of movie genres and their descriptions.

Dont waste your time : go and make your own research to pickup and start watching a great movie which you’ll love after.

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There’s something oddly satisfying about seeing a big-budget movie flop. Whenever we hear about these ambitious, special effects-laden extravaganzas going down in flames we get an odd feeling of schadenfreude.

But why is this? Does it stem from the fact that we feel manipulated, almost exploited, by the movie industry? Perhaps. After all, movie studios make a lot of coin from tweaking our emotions, be it through adrenaline-filled action films or mawkishly tear-jerking weepies.

Perhaps the best reason for our guilty pleasure at seeing a big-budget movie flop is the fact that we feel like we won a battle. We caught Hollywood trying to pull a fast one by releasing a bad movie and trying to hype it anyway — and we weren’t fooled. Gotcha. Better luck next time.

That’s all well and good, but there have been many excellent movies throughout the years that, for whatever reason, failed to make it big at the box office. Hey, just because a movie didn’t make a lot of money on its release doesn’t make it bad — after all, Citizen Kane barely made enough to cover the cost of a wooden sled on its original release. It wasn’t until its re-release and television syndication that it became perhaps the most critically acclaimed movie of all time.

So, here’s a look at two movies that didn’t live up to expectations on their release, but later went on to disprove the critics:

Fight Club

Despite eventually becoming an enormous cult hit, Fight Club performed poorly on its release. With a budget of $ 63 million it took just $ 37 million at the US box office. On its release the movie drew mixed critical reactions, partly due to its violent nature. One high profile critic described it as “a film without a single redeeming quality, which may have to find its audience in Hell”, and the flop cost the Entertainment Chief of 20th Century Fox his job.

Despite a tepid reception, Fight Club went on to turn a small profit at the global box office before exploding in popularity in the DVD market, becoming one of the best-loved films of the 90s. Today you’d be hard pressed to find a young man’s DVD collection that didn’t boast a Fight Club DVD.

Shawshank Redemption

One of the most well known box office flops of recent years, The Shawshank Redemption, based on a Steven King novella, came up against the might of Forrest Gump at the box office. Audiences preferred Hanks’ feel good vehicle over this depressing prison drama and, although Shawshank garnered 7 Oscar nominations, the box office take was pathetic.

This all changed once the movie was released on video. Bolstered by the Oscar endorsements Shawshank became the most rented video of 1995, going on to become our 2nd favorite movie of all time according to an Internet Movie Database poll.

The moral of the story, it seems, is that you should probably think twice before dismissing a movie based on its box office success. Movies are always at their most enjoyable when seen on the big screen, so you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to see them as they were meant to be seen simply because the audiences can’t tell a Hollywood gem from fools gold. After all, these are the same people who made Ernest Goes to Jail the number one movie in its opening week. Would you trust them?

From box office flops to blockbuster films, James Shenton is a movie expert and industry analyst from New York, specializing in picking the hits from the misses.

For more movie articles, and to learn how to download movie blockbusters, please make a trip to

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A coworker brought her puppy, Pablo Picasso, to work in the theater box office with us. He caught on very quickly, as he is a very smart puppy.

US Box Office ( 7 / 8 / 2016 )

1 ………..Suicide Squad 2016
2…………Jason Bourne 2016
3…………Bad Moms 2016
4…………The Secret Life of Pets 2016
5…………Star Trek Beyond 2016
6…………Nine Lives 2016
7…………Lights Out 2016
8…………Nerve 2016
9…………Ghostbusters 2016
10……….Ice Age: Collision Course 2016

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